This stinks!

I had some serious plans and dreams in my life.

Surfing in Costa Rica, going on an African Safari, becoming an actress, I mean the list goes on.

As I attempt to potty train my son I realize that I am definitely NOT living out those dreams.

Changing diapers is something that came so easily to me but potty training is so much more difficult.

It’s because now you are dealing with a child that runs your show.

I mean, I have a very tight parenting style with a side of leniency.

I make sure my kids have a balanced diet but they sometimes get treats.

Bedtime is a holy time in this household, so crying it out is a part of this family’s commandments.

Adam and I are very much on the same page, so that helps.

With that said, how do you convince a 2 year old that soiling your underwear is not okay?

This is the dialogue:

Me: “Nati, do you need to poo?”

Nate: “NO!”

Me: “Natttiii, are you SURE you don’t need to poo?”

Nate: “NO! IMA! (ima is mom)”

Me: “Okay, but if you need to poo you’ll tell me right?”

Nate: “YES!”

Me: “Promise?”

Nate: “Pwamis!”

About 10 minutes later he walks off into another part of the room, hidden away from my sight line, and does his deed in his underwear without me even noticing.

As the smell arises my eye begins to twitch!

I even take him to the bathroom a bunch of times in between this dialogue!!!

The worst part is that I used to judge other moms who have kids his age that aren’t potty trained.

Nothing is shittier than judging someone else’s ability to teach their child how to poo and then having the same problem (PUN intended)

Can you say KARMA?!?

Now I am off to unwind from today and try to figure out a new way to get this guy onto that toilet for a poo.

Wish me luck!