Vacation. Not a Vacation.

I regularly daydream of going on vacation.
Then I am quickly brought back to reality and realize that there is no such thing as a “vacation” with kids.
You can call it a trip or even a journey but definitely not a VACATION.
A vacation is a time when you get to do whatever your heart desires.
Whether it be a sleep in, drink an alcoholic bevy with lunch, spend a day at the beach reading a book or just a whole lot of NOTHING.
With kids it’s more like:
Wake up at 6.
Change them.
Drink a cold crusty coffee in between butt wipes.
Feed them.
Eat their left overs.
Dress them.
Grab yesterday’s outfit and slap it on yourself.
Walk out the d…
Oh shit, the baby just crapped himself.
Try and entertain your 2 year old as your elbow deep in crap.
Now the babies hands are in the crap and your two year old is playing with the electrical outlets.
And that’s just the first hour of your “vacation” with kids.
So now I daydream of a sauna in my basement where I can take in the heat when the kids are finally asleep.


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