The Best Change

People love to give you the most pragmatic advice when you are expecting a child for the first time.
They talk about the long nights, all of the frustrations that you will encounter and the horrible exhaustion.
There are so many things that nobody ever tells you.
Nobody ever mentions how the long nights don’t feel long because you get to spend them with the love of your life.
That the exhaustion is trumped by feelings of joy every time you snuggle up, kiss, hug or just lay there in silence.
That every burp, smile, giggle or anything for that matter feels like such a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated.
That your frustration is so short lived because that child has the ability to melt your heart with a simple glance in your direction.
That you love this person so much you want to cry from the feelings of pure joy.
The difficulties of being a first time parent are shadowed by all of the amazing benefits.
It’s not easy.
You get tired.
You get emotional.
You finally GET what unconditional love feels like and there is no greater feeling in the world.


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