The Little Big Things

As I lay next to Nate and sing twinkle, twinkle little star, all I can do is take in the moment.
I sing to him and he chimes in.
Then he asks me to tickle his back and I realize that these are truly the most important moments with my big boy.
One day he won’t allow me to enter his room so today I relish in these close and heart warming experiences.
Being a mother is so much more than just running errands, disciplining and routines.
It’s about nurturing your child’s imagination.
Being there for all the little moments that make them giggle.
It’s about listening even when you don’t quite understand all of the words and smiling brightly so that they know they are being heard.
As I write this I get emotional at the idea that one day I won’t get to relish in these magical times.
So today I will breathe in every little moment and hold my breath as long as I possibly can.


2 thoughts on “The Little Big Things

  1. This resonates with me. I am struggling a lot lately with trying to focus on these fleeting moments with my children while also trying to juggle everything else. I am really trying live more in these moments.

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  2. It really is so hard! I finally understand mommy guilt. So now I consciously take the time to focus and mentally photograph the small moments. So nice to hear from other moms with similar feeling 🙂


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