For the Love of Play Dates

I love baby play dates.
There are the obvious reasons like getting to enjoy the company of a friend while our children sit around chewing on toys.
There is usually some foodage in the mix and the caffeine levels are high enough to wake the dead.
What gives me the truest pleasure during these social gatherings is how the kids enjoy every moment.
Their enjoyment is so pure and is activated by so little.
As an adult you need so much in order to truly enjoy something.
Your taste has now been refined; you enjoy a particular kind of beverage, atmosphere and company.
With infants all you need to do is sit them in front of a box of toys and a friendship is forged.
I find myself mentally digging for the time when it was so simple just to be able to understand that sort of uncomplicated happiness.
I am inevitably at a loss of memory and realize that I should relish in this moment rather than trying to understand its process.
Adulthood is so complicated that I manage to complicate the least complicated of situations.
Ah, to be a baby again.


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