Friyay or Frinay


 1. I get to have a lovely and well planned out dinner with the famjam.
Usually dinners are a Smörgåsbord of ingredients that I throw together on the fly. 

 2. I get to spend two glorious days with all of my boys. 

 3. It’s a great night to catch up on all of our PVR’d shows from the week. 


1. My planned out dinner is more work than I bargained for. It is late one hundred percent of the time and by the time it is served the kids are full on bread. 

 2. I LOVE my boys but they can be a handful when put together. They rile each other up and the house becomes a war zone of toys and food splattered all over the place.
What does this mean you ask?
It means that I get to clean and cook MORE. YAY!

3. Love me some PVR’d programs until I realize that it’s three in the morning.
By default the kids will be up by five thirty in the morning.
This is what I like to call a huge FML! 

 So I guess my Friday is a mix of YAY and NAY.


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