Nighttime Routine Blurb

After 2-5 stories have been read, this goes on:

Nate: “Lay down here ima”

Me: “Nati, you need to go to sleep”

Nate: “Please ima”

Me: “Okay”

Nate: “I loe you ima”

Me: “I love you too Nati” (As my heart explodes into ten trillion pieces)

I really want him to independanty go to bed but I really don’t all at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Nighttime Routine Blurb

  1. How old is he? My youngest is Samuel and 3 1/2, I hold his hand and sing him a song when he’s going to sleep. I LOVE it!! After seeing our two older children get entirely too old (LOL), I’ve realized how fast it all goes and I’m holding on tightly to Sam while I have the chance. 🙂

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