C’est La Vie

I find myself being very emotional this week.
I’m a sensitive person to begin with but this week I’m hypersensitive.
I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out the cause for my emotional rollercoaster and it hit me;
My baby is turning one!
I can’t remember feeling this way when Nate was turning one.
It may have been because I was sure that I’ll have another child, just didn’t know when.
With Benny it’s a little different.
Adam and I love giving our kids an enormous amount of attention and we are afraid of being worn thin if we have too many kids. So we might not have any more. Is that bad?
Two may actually be our number and I find myself a little distraught over that thought.
I wonder if I truly took in all of those sweet baby moments with Ben or if I was busy doing much less important stuff.
“Benny may be my last chance at the baby stage”.
Saying that out loud burns my heart.
Everything is moving so quickly.
He was just born.
Just giggling for the first time.
I can still remember him being fully dependant on my breastmilk and now all he wants to do is eat with a spoon!
A flipping spoon!
That being said, I can’t wait to watch him grow to be a wonderful human being.
It’s not easy for me as I love to keep my boys close and the older they get the further they will go.
C’est La Vie!


One thought on “C’est La Vie

  1. Rev, I felt the same exact way when Jon Ethan turned 1! He is now 6 and everyday I wish he was still a bebe! I am enjoying these years, however. It’s wonderful 🙂


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