Daycare Rant

It has come to my attention over and over again that our decision to enroll Nate into daycare is a bad decision to some that are daycare nay Sayers.    Here is a list of things in response to that opinion:

1. The kind of person I am is probably very different than who YOU are. This means that our parenting styles will most likely differ as well.

2. If I choose to send my child to daycare, it does NOT mean I am being neglectful. 

3. I don’t give a rats ass what you do with your children. Unless you notice that MY children are malnourished or abused, please mind your own business.

4. The kind of daycare that my child attends has a well planned out curriculum that I am incapable of providing at home. Not to mention that I don’t have 16 other kids to contribute at the moment. It’s called social interaction. This planet is need of this said thing as we are raising armies of anti-social people. Daycare/Preschool has it.

5. If you are a stay at home parent who home schools your kids, GOOD FOR YOU!

If you are a stay at home parent who doesn’t, GOOD FOR YOU!

If you work an eighty hour week and have a nanny, GOOD FOR YOU!

If you work, have a nanny and send your kids to daycare, GOOD FOR YOU!

If you are a stay at home parent, with a nanny, who’s kids go to daycare, GOOD FOR YOU!

*See how that works

6. If my children behave like sociopaths please voice your opinion as to how we are raising them. Until then, please refrain from any conversation relating to our decisions as parents, as it is NONE of YOUR business.

7. I understand that everyone has a different point of view. You need to start getting with that same outlook, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER.

8. Daycare does NOT breed neglected children. It is an environment for children to learn and grow while forging friendships with kids that they may otherwise have never met. Besides, we literally spend ALL of our available time with our children. We disconnect from this overly connected world and connect to our children. We hug them, kiss them, talk to them, play with them and are ALWAYS available to them.

9. Please stop comparing parenting styles. It is getting obnoxious. 

10. Parenting is hard enough as it is. It is like a rat maze with the lightest scented cheese at the end so the course is extremely hard to navigate. It doesn’t make it any easier when people start putting in their two cents in relation to our parenting choices. Especially the CHOICE to send our son to daycare.   

This list is not made to offend anybody. It is an informative reference tool. If you ever feel the need to start judging other parents, please refer back to this list for a reality check. Don’t be fooled. Nobody has perfect children, not even you, and there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Let’s start supporting one another more and maybe we’ll raise a generation of children that are tolerant, empathetic, social and kind. 


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