Toddler Love

Nate: En garde ima! (While pointing a ladle at me that he shouldn’t be holding as its in a drawer he shouldn’t be opening)

I have to think quick so I grab the first thing I see; the plastic spoon that I just fed Benny with seems like a legit “sword” at the moment.

Me: En garde Nati!

Nate: No ima, not that spoon. Use this!
He passes me the remote control

All I can think of at this point is how Adam would give me stink face at the fact that I damage pretty much every electronic device in the house.
I grab it anyway.

Me: En garde Nati!

Nate gets his game face on and we have a sword fight for the next ten minutes.

Then I start pretending to get hit and dramatically drop to the floor.
He laughs hysterically.

I pretend to be unconcious while realizing that I am really out of shape as this is a fake sword fight with my two year old and I am totally losing; legitimately.

Then he proceeds to use me as a trampoline for the next little while and I hear this:

Nati: I love you ima.

He could literally be kicking me in the face while saying these words and I will still be the happiest person on earth.

Me: I love you too Nati (with the voice of a love struck teenager)

Ah toddler love.


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