Socks and Sandals

Before I had children my opinions on fashion were very different.
I thought it to be awful when people left their house in sweatpants.
I couldn’t understand for the life of me why people wouldn’t be perfectly primped, all the time.
The combination of socks and sandals absolutely revolted me.
Let me tell ya that two young kids have a way of changing your point of view.

After having a baby it takes a couple of months to adjust to the way your body has changed.
Sweatpants have a way of alleviating that discomfort during this transitional time in a womans life.
They are easy to put on and are the epitome of comfort.
Nobody should have to feel guilty or less attractive in them as there is nothing more attractive than a person who is comfortable in their own skin.

Girl if your hair is in a bun or you have that hat on, I get you!
In all honesty I never did the whole “not showering” thing.
I’m a bit OCD and won’t get into bed without a shower.
It grosses me out.
So in my most exhausted states I managed to shower.
The thing is that I don’t wash my hair every other day anymore.
I may wash it once every three or four days.
Why you ask?
Well, the process of preparing my long hair after washing it is a pain in the butt.
So I would much rather put it up or hide it under a hat from time to time.
My makeup routine went from a full half hour to some mascara and blush once in awhile.
This obviously doesn’t apply to the times that I go out on the town.

The infamous socks and sandals.
Listen, I was not a fan of camp and the kids that went to camp for that matter.
I never understood Birkenstocks because simply put, they are fugly.
These opinions were formed through absolutely no knowledge of how functional and comfortable they are.
I am officially a convert!
Therefore I currently own TWO pairs of faux Birkenstocks.
They are magnificent and gloriously comfortable.
These days I rock them around the house and outside of the house with socks (shocker alert), weather permitting of course!

So I’m pretty much a big fat hypocrite but I am really comfortable doing it!


One thought on “Socks and Sandals

  1. LOL, it’s fun to be a big, fat hypocrite when it comes to clothing. 😉 “Sweatpants have a way of alleviating that discomfort during this transitional time in a womans life.” – LOL! It’s true! 😀

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