The Lessons Our Children Teach Us

There is something so special about a child’s enthusiasm.
It is because of it’s purity.
There are no hidden agendas or reasons behind any of their decisions.
If a child meets another child they either like them or they don’t.
It isn’t based on their educational background, status of any sort or even appearance.

Take Nate for example.
He loves children.
All children.
Girls and boys.
Short and tall.
From babies to kids.
Watching him interact with other children brings me an immense amount of joy.
He wants to play with them and so he shares his toys.
He likes to show them around and babble away.
He shines brightest when in the company of his peers.
Once in awhile he doesn’t jive with a kid and that’s cool too.
He shows a high level of integrity at a very young age.

Sometimes I catch myself being envious at how much easier it is for young children to create bonds.
I wonder how I can reclaim that innocence.
That is why I try and stay in the moment with our kids.
They teach me some of life’s greatest lessons without even trying.

The lesson of resilience is something that I learn more everyday by simply watching them go about their business.
They can literally smash into something and simply get up and keep going.
As adults that changes.
We get affected by some of the smallest falls in the biggest ways.

The lesson of adaptation.
Children are so adaptable.
Nate got twenty-two months to himself with us until Benny arrived.
Initially, he wasn’t fully sold on the idea of having somebody to share our attention with but that quickly changed and he is absolutely in LOVE with Benny.
As adults we become competitive and territorial.
The idea of sharing attention or status becomes difficult to bear for many adults.

The lesson of pure joy.
Have you seen what a balloon does to a crowd of toddlers?
It is comparable to an adult winning the lotto!
They are so filled with joy at simply watching a balloon fly away or even more so when they get to hold one!
It’s magical.
As adults we have a far more difficult time truly enjoying the little things in life.
Somewhere along the way we have replaced pure joy with anxiety.
Rather than enjoying life we focus on overthinking everything.

I’m currently working on getting back my childlike enthusiasm.
It’s going to be hard work as I have a lifetime of jadedness to overcome.
Wish me luck!


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