Thirty-Nine Months Old

Somebody recently asked me how old Ben is and I responded “he’s one”.

“Wow, he’s big for one!”

I proceeded to ask her how old her daughter is and she said fifteen months old.

I then felt inclined to say:

“Well technically he is fourteen months old. After my first son I stopped tracking the age by months.”

A look of relief was brought to her face as she realized that he is really two months older than she had originally accounted for.

I find this kind of behaviour hilarious.

Firstly, I don’t think that anybody should compare their children to other children. It is not something to be compared.
It sets unrealistic expectations that may or may not be fulfilled.

Secondly, I am starting to get tired of parents that count their children’s age by month.
In all fairness the first two years are okay as that is how a pediatrician tracks all the medical information.
I think that it starts getting strange when somebody refers to their two year old as “twenty-eight months old”.
I mean, COMMON!
They are TWO!

This young lady ended up being the aunt of the little girl and a pretty cool one at that.
We had a good chuckle over the whole “my kid is thirty-nine months old” thing.
She agreed that it’s kind of ridiculous.

Do you agree?


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