Childhood is the most beautiful of life’s seasons

Although raising two young kids can be challenging, I always take the time to remember that I am so blessed to experience it.

Having children allows you to take a walk down memory lane into your own childhood.

Watching them run around, play, jump, scream and be so free allows me to forget about life’s hardships.

Today I was sitting and watching my boys jump around on their first trampoline and watched as Nate’s face lit up every time he got just a little higher.
He kept trying to touch the top of the trampoline and was let down by the fact that he couldn’t.

I found myself catching a glimpse of a time in my life where my biggest concern was whether I can blow a bubble with my bubble gum.
It was such a frustrating thing for me because I was the only one in my mini crew that couldn’t do it.
Alas, on a hot summer day after practicing for hours on my own, I conquered my big bubble gum challenge and felt victorious.

So today I look forward to the day that Nate touches the top of that trampoline.
I hope that that moment stays etched in his memory so that he can go back to it one day and remember a time when his biggest challenge was touching the top of that trampoline.


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