Why My Kids Car Naps Usually Ruin My Day

There is nothing more peaceful than watching my kids sleep.

Peaceful for them, as they are currently resting up for a brand spanking new day of tomfoolery and shenanigans.

Peaceful for me, as I get some time to get my bearings together before having to figure out a way of handling said tomfoolery and shenanigans without losing my mind.

Peaceful until they fall asleep in the car.

This is a very dangerous form of sleep as I am completely unprepared for whatever mood they will wake up in.

There are two reasons why they fall asleep in the car;

One of those reasons is a missed nap and the second reason is exhaustion due a very busy and fun filled day.

A missed nap leads to a deep sleep in the car but a very discombobulated child in the moment that they wake up. They are very edgy and there isn’t much that can get them out of this state. To add insult to injury, these naps usually occur on the way to a place where I am in desperate need for them to behave.

There have been times where I thought that I have avoided the hurricane and I suddenly got hit with a tantrum of the century within ten minutes.

Me: “Nate would you like the hamburger or the chicken finger?”


Me to the server: “He’ll have the hamburger with ketchup and pickles.”


He then proceeds to throwing his cup of water on the floor.

Server: “I’ll give you a few minutes.”

This usually leads to me taking the food to go and eating it in the car with him as he has obviously cooled off now that he’s blown off some steam in public.

A car nap after a long day isn’t as bad but can sometimes lead to later bedtimes. This isn’t as bad as the tantrums are beautifully tucked away into the house where nobody can see them and judge me as a mother.

The worst part of these naps is that they usually lead to poor dinner consumption and absolutely zero regard for authority in the home. This also means that it takes longer for me to get to my favorite HBO series Game of Thrones.

Wouldn’t it be glorious if the kids slept when I wanted them to on a regular basis?!?


2 thoughts on “Why My Kids Car Naps Usually Ruin My Day

  1. haHA..I have been there too!! kids and their nap times are so much important for us moms!! A nap at the wrong time usually ruins the plans fr that whole day!!! sigh!


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