A Mothers Tale

He’s in his pajamas at a restaurant.Let’s face it, I wish I was in my pajamas but I am driven by social acceptance at times.

He’s yet to understand social cues and niceties.

This works well for me on a morning like this.

A morning where I feel slightly defeated by my exhaustion.

A morning I wish would turn to night so I can watch Game of Thrones and go to sleep.

A morning where just ONE coffee won’t do.

Today won’t be an organized day.

I will most likely burn dinner and forget to return an important phone call.

On a morning like this I work extra hard on keeping a huge smile on my face so that my boys don’t feel an ounce of my personal defeat.

By tomorrow morning he’ll be dressed in fresh clothes as I sip on my one coffee.

That thought makes me feel okay about today.

It is the cloudy days that make me appreciate the sun. 


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