Four Leaf Clover

Eight months ago I was scrolling through the “Discover People” feed when I came across a picture of a little baby in green headphones. I thought that it was just the sweetest thing I had seen in awhile.Flash forward about a month and that same little baby came up in that feed, weird.

My instinctual curiosity had me clicking on the photo and I read the caption.

I was devastated to see that this three month old baby had just been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Immediately afterwards I began to follow @keeley_ruth through her journey into a very hard and dark place that I could never imagine going to myself.

There were times that I sobbed for Clover, this courageous baby girl.

I would pray for her, I told people her story and I kept posting heart felt comments for her family to see in hopes that it would somehow help.

There must be a thousand degrees of separation between us but I felt as though I knew Clover and her family personally.

After a very difficult time, serious treatment and surgery Clover is now in remission.

This past Friday I received this letter and photo in the mail.

There are no words to express my gratitude for this gesture.

It truly makes me appreciate this bond and sense of community amongst mothers everywhere.

It is nice to know that there are still good people out there and it proves that it truly takes a village to raise a child.

Amen to this beautiful village that we are so lucky to be a part of.

Cheers to you @keeley_ruth for your strength, honesty and kindness it’s truly a beautiful thing. 

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


It’s a word that can’t be used too often in my life.

From morning cries to evening bedtime battles, there is always so much noise.

Nate is the initiator of a lot of the noise.

He’s resilient and doesn’t let go of the things he wants, so more times than not there is a long conversation or even an argument about pretty much everything.

At this particular moment he is still and silent.

Rather than basking in the glory of this rare silence I sit behind him and wonder what he’s thinking about.

Is it that fight we had this morning or is he disappointed about the toy that I took away from him, forcefully making him share it.

I begin to wonder how I will survive this silence in the future when he is older.

When the silence comes from a feeling of resentment and lasts longer.

It instantly makes me miss the “noise”.

One day he will live his own life and I’ll be calling him off the hook just to hear the sound of his voice and I will be elated if I get to experience that “noise” again.

At his young age the silence is very short lived and we go back to the silly loud noise within minutes.

The truth is that it’s nice to have some peace and quiet from time to time but silence is too loud for me.

Mommy Brain

Once upon a time I used to remember things.

Little things, like where I leave my keys, what I ate for breakfast and how to match my shoes to my shirt.

These days I am lucky to be dressed, at all!

There is nothing that can prepare you for this severe memory lapse, not even the world’s best organizer.

It’s no joke people. It’s the truth!

When your friend that has kids doesn’t call you back, it’s probably because she forgot due to one of the million things that are going on in her mind, so try and give her some slack.

In fact, I just started writing this article and have almost forgotten what it’s about!

Mommy brain is a condition that develops in the first few months of pregnancy and continues throughout the rest of your life.

The sheer idea of carrying a child in ones body can be quite overwhelming and thought consuming.

Here is a list of things that you have to think about when pregnant and when raising children:

  • what you can and cannot eat
  • what you can and cannot do
  • the products you need to avoid
  • the activities you need to temper
  • all of the new things you need to purchase
  • learning how to take care of a child!!!
  • how to raise a normal human being
  • what is safe to feed my kids
  • what are the most stimulating activities out there
  • when is that dentist appointment
  • how do I get this one to dance and that one to soccer practice at the same time when they are 10 miles away from each other
  • what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • is this poisonous
  • is this organic, locally grown, and healthy

This list can go on for a very long time but you get the drift.

Now imagine trying to keep up with this demanding list everyday for the rest of your life.

Remembering trivial things takes a backseat in your mind because you simply don’t have the mental ability to keep up with it all.

Don’t feel bad about it though.

It’s lifes way of forcing you to forget about inconcequential things in order to focus on the more important things, like when to feed your baby.

Sure, you may forget to pick Joey up at soccer practice from time to time but it’s natural and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it too much.

Consider yourself a MOMBIE; a mom plus zombie. It’s all worth it when you get to cuddle up to this little person who has stripped you of your short term memory for the rest of your life.

5 Tips for Eating Out With your Toddler

Let’s face it.

It is near impossible to go out and have a meal with your young kids.

Your meal may start off really well but can turn into a serious disaster very quickly.
In order to avoid public humiliation and catastrophe, I have compiled a list of things to do when eating out with your little hooligans.

Choose a Family Friendly Restaurant

If there is a sign on the door that says NO STROLLERS, this is a good indication that you should be turning around and walking in the other direction.

This is mostly so that you can maintain your sanity while attempting to shovel down your meal while wiping your kiddoes face.

These establishments are made for people that want to avoid other people’s children and even their own for that time.

The last thing you want is to dine here and be mortified the whole time through your meal because your kiddo just flung a drink at the uppity couple next to you.

Choose an Unpopular Time

Think really early breakfast, late lunch or early dinner.

These are the least popular times for people to dine.

This means that there are less people to give you stink eye as your toddler throws her food in your face while laughing hysterically.

The server is also able to pay more attention to your constant requests for water and napkins for the spills and thrills of dining with your toddler.

Back Corner Please

It is crucial that you choose your seating location accordingly.

Make it the least popular spot in the restaurant.

This way if the place fills up at this irregular dining hour, you are still far away enough from people to be able to avoid their frowns and sighs.

Trust me, you’ll thank me for this one day and so will your kids.

This ensures that you can enjoy your meal with your little’s, even if your favorite jeans are now stained with tomato sauce love prints.

*Love prints are your kids dirty handprints because they LOVE to love you when they are all messy and stuff.

First Things First

Order your kids’ food.

Do this before you even contemplate what drink you are having.

While your kids go to town on their meals you can spend some time not worrying about any huge meltdowns.

If you are there with a friend you can spend a bit of time chatting about something that is unrelated to your children for once, or not.

Make sure to get in a couple of quality bites of your food as this precious silence is very short lived and you will be handling a disaster in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Bring Back Up

Bring clothes, entertainment and water bottles.

You will need it.

The clothes will come in handy for you and the kiddies, especially if you have somewhere else to go after you eat.

Entertainment is GREAT if you are looking to get a few peaceful moments to yourself.

Download one of their favorite shows or movies on your phone and you are golden.

*Make sure that phone is CHARGED at all times!

Whether it be a sippy cup or a plain old water bottle, you never want to be that mom that picks it up from the dirty floor and hands it to her child.

Just bring provisions and you will never have to experience the looks of disgust from that “perfect mom” in the next booth.

These tricks will help to ensure that you get to eat out with your kids without having to experience any major panic attacks.

Sharing is Caring

Every time Nate leaves the house Benny goes right after his favorite toys.

These are Nate’s prized possessions and he isn’t very keen on sharing them.

It’s a huge battle in this house as we are teaching our children to share.

This becomes difficult as reasoning with a three year old about sharing his toys is a huge challenge for us.

Instead of fighting with Nate all the time I just let Benny have his own secret time with Nate’s coveted Spider-Man collection while he’s out for the day.

You know what they say “When the cat is away the mice will play”. 🐱🐭