About My First Born

I take advantage of my days alone with him.It’s probably not easy for him to have to fend for himself at times when I’m busy with Benny.

He doesn’t make a fuss but he’s the strong and silent type when it comes to showing his true feelings.

I know that he feels neglected at times when I am carrying Benny in my arms as he holds my hand.

Sometimes he refuses to move until I pick him up in my other arm, which leads to a fight, one hundred percent of the time.

He’s my first born and I look at him like he is such a big boy but in reality he’s still a baby at times and I need to remember that.

So on days like this I carry him if it pleases him.

It helps to remind the both of us that he will always be my baby. ♥️♥️♥️ 


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