Me, Myself And I

Today, like most Saturday’s, Adam took Nate to soccer as I put Benny down for his nap.
I should realistically be napping and trying to catch up on all of the lost sleep through the week but I find myself restless.
Instead I make myself another cup of coffee and enjoy it in the company of me, myself and I.
After being married for almost four years and having two young children I find that catching up on sleep is not necessarily what I need.
What I need is a pause in my week.
A time where I can reflect upon what has happened and not to think of what is to come.
I take the time to remind myself to be thankful for all of the blessings in my life and to remind myself not to take these blessings for granted.
I think about a little girl named Clover that lives far away, that I have never met in person yet I feel connected to in spirit.
She is a baby warrior who is fighting the battle of a lifetime.
I take a moment to pray for her and her family.
For her mother Keeley who is going through something that nobody can possibly understand unless they have experienced it for themselves.
I remind myself that broken glasses, stained shirts and tantrums are all things that should be taken lightly as there are so many bigger things happening in this world.
I allow myself a moment to feel deep sadness and pain at the idea that there are things in this world that are completely out of our control.
Then I remember that there are things that we can control.
We can control our temper when our kids act up.
We can allow ourselves to lose control and be supremely affactionate and loving.
We can control the amount of time that we spend worrying about trivial things and apply that time to the important people in our lives.
Once that is all done I get back to the groove of things until the week comes full circle and I am back in my comfy bed with my cup of joe.

Mini Rant Part Four

Say what you mean and mean what you say.
This should be everyone’s motto.
I’m tired of people that suggest things and don’t follow through.
My two year old has more tact, common decency and follow through than some full grown adults that I know.
Rant ends here.

Modern Sisterhood

Historically speaking, my friends have essentially been family members to me. They have watched me grow up, break down, laugh hysterically and cry just as hysterically. They have been my partners in crime and my truest confidents.
As my life evolved, like the dinosaurs, some of those friends didn’t make it in my journey.
Marriage and definitely kids have a way of changing relationships that you think will last forever.
The friends that are still in my life are, for the most part, the ones that are involved in my children’s lives in one way or another.
They are the ones that came to see me when I was not so interesting to be around.
The ones that understood my absence and relished in my irregular appearances.
The ones that get it when I’m not being social.
They are also the ones that hold a massive part of my heart.
The ones that I will do anything for at the drop of a dime.
The ones that are always remembered for their compassion, involvement, love and efforts.
The ones that my kids call doda, tsautsia and auntie.
They are my truest sisters and for that I know that my family and I are blessed to have them.
Love you bitches! (You know who you are)

The Mama Cold

Also known as “no rest for the wicked”.
I’ve had a running cold now for over a month but due to the fact that I don’t have the time to rest, it lingers.
Lingers like the foul smell of your dog getting skunked.
It’s absolutely awful!
What’s even worse is that when I do get a chance to rest aka sleep, I’m usually catching up on some television or surfing the net like Tyler Wright.
It is moments like these that make me truly appreciate and respect all mothers out there.
Especially the ones that are running on pure adrenaline!
With all of the frustrations of being a parent and the emotions of trying to make things perfect it is impossible to take the time to truly heal.
I guess that’s what retirement is for.

Cards Against Humanity

Being a mom to two young kids makes me feel a little out of touch with adults. Especially considering that I spend eighty percent of my time with them.
So when I finally do get some adult time it has become an extreme form of it.
I have recently discovered the game Cards Against Humanity and I am hooked!
So much so that I bought a set for myself for the rare times that we get to host parties.
It is the raunchiest and most offensive game I have ever played and I absolutely LOVE it!
Let the games begin!