Our Infant Toys are a Bust

I’ve made an executive decision to give away all of the infant toys that we have in the house as Benny is interested in everything but his toys.
Here is a list of things that Benny loves:

The remote control

He can find it no matter where I hide it.
It can be on the couch, the side table, even the kitchen table and he will find it!
He learned how to cruise because he wanted to get to the remote as it was taunting him by hanging out innocently on the couch.

My Fake Birkenstocks

Let me begin by saying that this kid gives me a run for my money when it’s time to eat food but as soon as he sees my Birks he starts salivating.
I don’t know if it’s because I am a shoe addict and he caught the addiction in utero or if there is simply something appetizing about the light grey suede straps.
Whatever it is, it drives me up the wall!
He literally follows me around in anticipation for me to take them off for him to go to town with them!

The Ancient Yet Still Existant Hand Held Home Phone

Here is something that you need to know about me.
I have a paralyzing fear of cell phone and microwave radiation.
Although radiation may have nothing to do with either of these things, I have convinced myself that they do and that it is life-threatening (cue raised the eyebrows).
For that reason we still have a home line (cue oohs and ahhs at the ownership of this ancient communication device).
Benny loves the house phone.
He particularly loves to throw it around like a ball.
I can be on the phone and he crawls up to me with the intention of taking it from me.
I am amazed at how well devised his plan of action is at such a young age.
He is actually obsessed with this phone.

So there you have it.
Since Nate is a toddler and Benny was born with a remote control/shoe/home phone fetish our infant toys are now obsolete.

Any takers?


My favorite song for awhile now has been “Home” by the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
It is a true representation of how I feel about my boys.
Although we have a physical home that we share, I feel that as long as I am with them and wherever that may be, it always feels like home to me.
Here is the video which isn’t really a video but you get to hear this magnificently quirky song.

For the Love of Play Dates

I love baby play dates.
There are the obvious reasons like getting to enjoy the company of a friend while our children sit around chewing on toys.
There is usually some foodage in the mix and the caffeine levels are high enough to wake the dead.
What gives me the truest pleasure during these social gatherings is how the kids enjoy every moment.
Their enjoyment is so pure and is activated by so little.
As an adult you need so much in order to truly enjoy something.
Your taste has now been refined; you enjoy a particular kind of beverage, atmosphere and company.
With infants all you need to do is sit them in front of a box of toys and a friendship is forged.
I find myself mentally digging for the time when it was so simple just to be able to understand that sort of uncomplicated happiness.
I am inevitably at a loss of memory and realize that I should relish in this moment rather than trying to understand its process.
Adulthood is so complicated that I manage to complicate the least complicated of situations.
Ah, to be a baby again.

Meal Time Mission Impossible

Feeding Ben is like running a marathon for me; terrifying and exhausting.
At his ripe old age of ten months he is convinced that he is capable of eating independently.
Anytime I try to feed him with a spoon he swats at it faster than I swat at a fly that lands on my fresh apple pie.
So today I took a new approach; I took the oatmeal and poured it out onto his tray.
As I watch him slather oatmeal all over himself without getting much into his mouth, all I can feel is my OCD creeping in quietly but I talk myself down.
He seems happy to be doing what he’s doing so I guess I’m going to be doing a lot of cleaning for the next little while!
Oh, and hyperventilating, a lot of hyperventilating.

The Lunch Mission

The other day I took it upon myself to go to lunch with one of my best friends Ivy and both kids. In hindsight this was obviously a bad decision but I try to be optimistic whilst in the moment.
We hit up one of my favorite spots, Lady Marmalade.
It’s a small, quaint and very eclectic restaurant.
Furnished with mismatched chairs and tables, showcasing local artists work on the walls (for sale, of course).
They have by far the BEST eggs Benedict in town and their food in general is fresh, locally grown and delectable.
We get in and Ivy helps me get the kids out of their thick layers and settled into their seats.
I situate myself between both kids and am about to glance at the menu.
Suddenly Ben grabs the menu and throws it on the floor, Nate starts demanding apple juice and the lunch begins to come undone.

Me: Nate do you want a sandwich or rice with chicken?

Me: Can I please have the club sandwich for him (pointing at Nate) and the scrambled eggs with a side of brown bread for him (pointing at Ben).
Server: Anything for you? (with a look of horror knowing that this is about to get messy)
Me: I need a few minutes, thanks (with a look of horror knowing that it’s about to get messy)

Ivy chimes in: Apple juice please!

Nate has the biggest smile, Ben is exploring the room with a big grin and we decide on what we’ll eat.

So far so goodish.

This is where the fun begins.

Lunch arrives and Ben is loving the bread while Nate is spitting out his sandwich.

Me: Take a bite Nati!
Nate: No tomatoes!
Me: Fine! (I remove all signs of the tomato)
Me: Okay can you take a bite now?
Nate: No! It’s yucky!

On a side note, this is one of the best Club Sandwiches in town!

This battle goes on for a bit when I realize that Ben needs more food.
To my surprise he eats some egg and continues gnawing on the bread.

Nate is now fidgety and is demanding Bens food.

At this point I am livid annoyed!

I can’t even remember what it is that I’m eating and my blood pressure is through the roof.

I decide to take a pic of the food, knowing that I’ll be venting about this later, and the result is the photo heading of this post (while I try and take the pic, Ben throws his plate with the eggs on the floor. I think he’s trying to tell me something)

Much like that lunch the photo is blurry and out of focus.

Mommy Struggles

I’ve recently dedicated myself to taking life in one day at a time.
Today I struggle with wiping my 10 month old baby’s nose.
I mean, he won’t let me anywhere near the thing!
I try to gently pat it, aspirate it, then I get to the nitty gritty and straight up pick it!
This is almost an impossible venture as he is constantly shaking his head and SCREAMING at the top of his lungs!
Then it happens,
I get a big dry bugger right out of there!
I feel triumphant!
Of course that makes him laugh uncontrollably,
I instantly forget my frustrations and snuggle right up to him.
That’s today’s journey.
I wonder what tomorrow has in store.


Mornings used to consist of hot showers, fresh coffee and a long commute to work with some Dean Blundell in the background.
Now they consist of diaper changes, cold coffee, feedings and tantrums.
My mornings also happen to include slobbery kisses and morning cuddles.
You know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way, tantrums and all!