Friday’s As a Mom

You know that the weekend is off to a great start when you come into your family’s favorite restaurant with both of your kids and your youngest one projectile vomits all over himself and you.

Then your three year old refuses to leave, as this is his favorite place in the world. He then drops to the floor and throws the tantrum of a lifetime.

As you’re walking out with a toddler holding on to your leg and slathered in puke, you think nothing else can go wrong. Right?


You are suddenly hit with the realization that your period leaked through your pants.

Happy flipping Friday!

I Mustache You a Question

Nate touched Adams face under his nose….

Nate: “Aba, what’s that?”

Adam: “that’s aba’s mustache”

Nate: “Nati wants a mustache”

Adam: “Nati will have a mustache when he is big like Aba”

Nate: *sigh* “okay”

5 minutes later….

Nate: “look Aba…”
As Adam looks at him all he sees is a bunch of markings on his face as he tried to draw a mustache on himself.


Benny’s favorite game is Peeka-boo with a twist.
He says “ka-boo!”.
It is one of the most delicious things that I get to experience.
So everytime he throws a fit I say “Peeka-Boo!!!!” and he proceeds with laughing his butt off and scream “ka-boo!!!!” as he covers his face.
This immediately trumps all of my frustrations.


Nate: Mommy, why does a dog bark?

Me: Because that is how a dog speaks.

Nate: Why?

Me: Because they are trying to tell us something.

Nate: Why?

Me: Because that’s how they communicate.

Nate: Why?!?


This goes on for another fifteen minutes.
Ahhh, life with a three year old.
There’s never a dull moment.

Toddler Love

Nate: En garde ima! (While pointing a ladle at me that he shouldn’t be holding as its in a drawer he shouldn’t be opening)

I have to think quick so I grab the first thing I see; the plastic spoon that I just fed Benny with seems like a legit “sword” at the moment.

Me: En garde Nati!

Nate: No ima, not that spoon. Use this!
He passes me the remote control

All I can think of at this point is how Adam would give me stink face at the fact that I damage pretty much every electronic device in the house.
I grab it anyway.

Me: En garde Nati!

Nate gets his game face on and we have a sword fight for the next ten minutes.

Then I start pretending to get hit and dramatically drop to the floor.
He laughs hysterically.

I pretend to be unconcious while realizing that I am really out of shape as this is a fake sword fight with my two year old and I am totally losing; legitimately.

Then he proceeds to use me as a trampoline for the next little while and I hear this:

Nati: I love you ima.

He could literally be kicking me in the face while saying these words and I will still be the happiest person on earth.

Me: I love you too Nati (with the voice of a love struck teenager)

Ah toddler love.

Words Of Advice To My Toddler

There are a few things I’d like to tell you Nate.
The world is your oyster and don’t let anything or anybody make you think otherwise.
Keep your kind spirit alive, even when you don’t recieve kindness in return.
Don’t become a lesser person in hopes of hurting others as you are only hurting yourself.
Be brave and confident in all of your decisions because those are the two things that will get you to your destination.
Be gentle in your approach with others as you never know what a person’s soul is truly like until you’ve known them for awhile.
Your laugh is a contagious thing, so make sure you share it and spread it.
Keep your blind faith alive because life will show you that miracles do happen once in awhile.
Learn to keep good company.
By good I mean well natured, honest, integral and just all around good people.
Learn to have faith in yourself, no matter what happens, as you are the master of your universe.
Fall in love blindly and hopelessly so that you learn that love isn’t just about that.
Most importantly, keep that free spirit alive because it is one of your strongest attributes.
I’m so proud to call you my son Nati.