The Big Plan

There is nothing in this world that can prepare you for being a parent.
You’re either waiting to make more money or waiting for the right time.
Waiting for everyone you know to get on the baby train or for that last big hurrah.
Guess what, life doesn’t end when you have children.
It changes.
You know what else changes, your perspective.
You realize that now you are more driven than ever to make money.
You wish that you would have had them sooner so that you’d have more time with them.
You now know that it’s not about your friends having kids; you’ll still have friends and you’ll meet new ones with kids.
What “hurrah” meant before kids and what it means to you once you’re a parent are two very different things.
So in reality the whole last hurrah thing is a big HOOHA!
It’s so challenging yet so rewarding.
There is no amount of planning that can prepare you for that.

The Lunch Mission

The other day I took it upon myself to go to lunch with one of my best friends Ivy and both kids. In hindsight this was obviously a bad decision but I try to be optimistic whilst in the moment.
We hit up one of my favorite spots, Lady Marmalade.
It’s a small, quaint and very eclectic restaurant.
Furnished with mismatched chairs and tables, showcasing local artists work on the walls (for sale, of course).
They have by far the BEST eggs Benedict in town and their food in general is fresh, locally grown and delectable.
We get in and Ivy helps me get the kids out of their thick layers and settled into their seats.
I situate myself between both kids and am about to glance at the menu.
Suddenly Ben grabs the menu and throws it on the floor, Nate starts demanding apple juice and the lunch begins to come undone.

Me: Nate do you want a sandwich or rice with chicken?

Me: Can I please have the club sandwich for him (pointing at Nate) and the scrambled eggs with a side of brown bread for him (pointing at Ben).
Server: Anything for you? (with a look of horror knowing that this is about to get messy)
Me: I need a few minutes, thanks (with a look of horror knowing that it’s about to get messy)

Ivy chimes in: Apple juice please!

Nate has the biggest smile, Ben is exploring the room with a big grin and we decide on what we’ll eat.

So far so goodish.

This is where the fun begins.

Lunch arrives and Ben is loving the bread while Nate is spitting out his sandwich.

Me: Take a bite Nati!
Nate: No tomatoes!
Me: Fine! (I remove all signs of the tomato)
Me: Okay can you take a bite now?
Nate: No! It’s yucky!

On a side note, this is one of the best Club Sandwiches in town!

This battle goes on for a bit when I realize that Ben needs more food.
To my surprise he eats some egg and continues gnawing on the bread.

Nate is now fidgety and is demanding Bens food.

At this point I am livid annoyed!

I can’t even remember what it is that I’m eating and my blood pressure is through the roof.

I decide to take a pic of the food, knowing that I’ll be venting about this later, and the result is the photo heading of this post (while I try and take the pic, Ben throws his plate with the eggs on the floor. I think he’s trying to tell me something)

Much like that lunch the photo is blurry and out of focus.

From Sunshine to Sour Grapes

Being a parent is such a manic experience.
I go from being exhausted to being fully awake within seconds; of course this is usually due to some explosive behaviour from one of my kids.
I go from being sublimely happy to being gloomily mellow; this on account of hormones, sudden life changes, abnormal sleep patterns and the eating habits that replicate my kids’ (let’s face it, I am officially the kiddie leftover garbage can).
The kids will go from doing something truly extraordinary, like singing the lyrics to a song that I haven’t even gotten yet, to vomiting all over me in extraordinary fashion.
With all of these mood/life fluctuations I am astounded that I have managed to be dressed and somewhat composed on a daily basis.

The Best Change

People love to give you the most pragmatic advice when you are expecting a child for the first time.
They talk about the long nights, all of the frustrations that you will encounter and the horrible exhaustion.
There are so many things that nobody ever tells you.
Nobody ever mentions how the long nights don’t feel long because you get to spend them with the love of your life.
That the exhaustion is trumped by feelings of joy every time you snuggle up, kiss, hug or just lay there in silence.
That every burp, smile, giggle or anything for that matter feels like such a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated.
That your frustration is so short lived because that child has the ability to melt your heart with a simple glance in your direction.
That you love this person so much you want to cry from the feelings of pure joy.
The difficulties of being a first time parent are shadowed by all of the amazing benefits.
It’s not easy.
You get tired.
You get emotional.
You finally GET what unconditional love feels like and there is no greater feeling in the world.

The little things in life

Watching Nate do the most mundane things brings immense joy to my heart. He finds so much pleasure in everything. The other night Adam gave him a warm glass of milk and toast with almond butter before bed. He was fully immersed in the act of eating his favorite snack. It was as if nothing else existed outside of that late night snack and him. The older we get the more it takes to please us. That is one of the beauties in raising children. They remind you to step back and truly appreciate all of the little things in life and life itself.


There was once a wonderful time when Friday meant that the end of the week has arrived and there are two glorious sleep in days waiting for me.
There was no such thing as “breakfast” because I was a gal who brunched!
Saturday’s were meant for shopping and making plans for the evening.
Sunday was the day I nursed my enormous hangover.
Now Friday means nothing as it has been officially grouped in with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.
I get to wake up early, not eat until everybody else eats and have absolutely no time to rest.
Press repeat for Saturday and Sunday.
Oh the joys of mommy hood!