Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


It’s a word that can’t be used too often in my life.

From morning cries to evening bedtime battles, there is always so much noise.

Nate is the initiator of a lot of the noise.

He’s resilient and doesn’t let go of the things he wants, so more times than not there is a long conversation or even an argument about pretty much everything.

At this particular moment he is still and silent.

Rather than basking in the glory of this rare silence I sit behind him and wonder what he’s thinking about.

Is it that fight we had this morning or is he disappointed about the toy that I took away from him, forcefully making him share it.

I begin to wonder how I will survive this silence in the future when he is older.

When the silence comes from a feeling of resentment and lasts longer.

It instantly makes me miss the “noise”.

One day he will live his own life and I’ll be calling him off the hook just to hear the sound of his voice and I will be elated if I get to experience that “noise” again.

At his young age the silence is very short lived and we go back to the silly loud noise within minutes.

The truth is that it’s nice to have some peace and quiet from time to time but silence is too loud for me.

A Chicken Puppet Show

This picture makes me happy on a day like today.It reminds me of a time when happiness was a stick of gum and a chocolate milk.

All it takes to make these kids happy is chicken puppet show.


Their enthusiasm and imagination is such a glorious thing to witness.

I can’t remember how it feels to be content with life’s little things anymore.

It maybe because I am tired or just too “grown up”.

I think that’s why having children is such a wonderful thing.

They remind you what “don’t sweat the small stuff” really means.

They make you look at that pack of Juicy Fruit in a new and beautiful light.

They make you get up off your butt and dance to that chicken puppet show with them.

But that’s a whole other picture for a another time. 🐔 

Childhood is the most beautiful of life’s seasons

Although raising two young kids can be challenging, I always take the time to remember that I am so blessed to experience it.

Having children allows you to take a walk down memory lane into your own childhood.

Watching them run around, play, jump, scream and be so free allows me to forget about life’s hardships.

Today I was sitting and watching my boys jump around on their first trampoline and watched as Nate’s face lit up every time he got just a little higher.
He kept trying to touch the top of the trampoline and was let down by the fact that he couldn’t.

I found myself catching a glimpse of a time in my life where my biggest concern was whether I can blow a bubble with my bubble gum.
It was such a frustrating thing for me because I was the only one in my mini crew that couldn’t do it.
Alas, on a hot summer day after practicing for hours on my own, I conquered my big bubble gum challenge and felt victorious.

So today I look forward to the day that Nate touches the top of that trampoline.
I hope that that moment stays etched in his memory so that he can go back to it one day and remember a time when his biggest challenge was touching the top of that trampoline.