V for V-day

I’m a hopeless romantic.
I love sad dramatic films, getting flowers, and sappy cards.
Even a sappy commercial jerks at my heart strings to tell you the truth.
With that said, I love Valentines Day! (Can you tell?)
I get that everyday should be the day to express your undying love to your loved ones and all that other crap but I really love that there a day dedicated to it.
Especially now that I have kids.
We don’t manage to go out out as much as we used to and our time alone together is very sparse.
Most times we are together we are unwinding from our busy day and don’t really do anything.
We actually got a sitter for tonight and have an evening of foodage and Fifty Shades of Grey lined up (yes I am actually in to that series and really liked the books)
Let’s not forget my favorite reason for this holiday.
(I consider this a national holiday FYI)
My two mini Valentines!
I get to do corny things for them like making heart shaped pancakes with Hershey’s kisses in the center.
My heart wrapped up with a kiss, that’s how I’m advertising it. (Insert embarrassed emoticon here)
I also get to keep repeating “Happy Valentines Day, I love you, do you love me?”, all day long.
At this rate Nate is gonna grow up to hate Valentines Day but for now he just surrenders to my insanity.
So with this all said, I’d like to wish everyone a Valentines Day that is full of love, chocolate, candy, hugs, kisses and anything that makes your heart happy for that matter.