My favorite song for awhile now has been “Home” by the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
It is a true representation of how I feel about my boys.
Although we have a physical home that we share, I feel that as long as I am with them and wherever that may be, it always feels like home to me.
Here is the video which isn’t really a video but you get to hear this magnificently quirky song.

A Mother’s Journey

When a baby is born we all focus on this beautiful miracle.
First we make sure that all of the vital signs are there and then we move on to all of the tests that help us understand whether or not everything else is okay.
We revel in the beauty of this little human and are now curious as to how this little person will develop.
In the hustle and bustle of it all we forget to look at the person who gave birth to this child.
This person was once on her own, just like the rest of us.
Worrying about trivial things.
Trying to figure out which outfit goes with which occasion.
Then the big bang happens; literally and figurativily.
This is followed by the “plus” sign on the little plastic stick and BOOM!
The feeling that a woman gets when she finds out that she is carrying another human being in her body is unbelievable.
Now comes a forty week journey.
This takes a lone soul on a journey with a new soul that is literally connected to her.
Within these forty weeks this woman grows and develops immensley; physically, emotionally and mentally.
She becomes a protector.
She becomes a nurturer.
She becomes a mother.
She goes through an immeasurable amount of emotion.
Then one day that baby comes a knocking; more like a PUNCHING or if you were more like me, a KICKING!
The moment that child comes out she is officially a mother.
A creator of life!
She is so overwhelmed with joy and love that the world around her feels like a soft cloud.
Any pain she recently felt is now non existant. Take a moment to remember to love her and her journey.
To know that there is a real person behind the little person that was just born.
We need to love her.
Cherish her.
Celebrate her for all that she is.
She is a mother and that is truly a beautiful thing.

My Favorite Day

Saturday is my favorite day of the week.
Not because I get to sleep in; Nate has a fever and it was a pretty hectic night topped off with an early morning.
Although Ben was up at 7:45 am which is a gift!
Not because I get to take my time getting ready for the hottest brunch spot in the city; I’m the chef at Brunch a la Rev.
It’s the day that we all get up and head downstairs to have breakfast together.
I look forward to the challah French toast that I make for the boys; I’m currently on a Paleo diet so I can’t even have any.
As soon as I sit down at the table all of my exhaustion dissipates because I feel so blessed to be a part of such a sweet little family.
My craving for that delicious French toast on the other hand is still raging on!

V for V-day

I’m a hopeless romantic.
I love sad dramatic films, getting flowers, and sappy cards.
Even a sappy commercial jerks at my heart strings to tell you the truth.
With that said, I love Valentines Day! (Can you tell?)
I get that everyday should be the day to express your undying love to your loved ones and all that other crap but I really love that there a day dedicated to it.
Especially now that I have kids.
We don’t manage to go out out as much as we used to and our time alone together is very sparse.
Most times we are together we are unwinding from our busy day and don’t really do anything.
We actually got a sitter for tonight and have an evening of foodage and Fifty Shades of Grey lined up (yes I am actually in to that series and really liked the books)
Let’s not forget my favorite reason for this holiday.
(I consider this a national holiday FYI)
My two mini Valentines!
I get to do corny things for them like making heart shaped pancakes with Hershey’s kisses in the center.
My heart wrapped up with a kiss, that’s how I’m advertising it. (Insert embarrassed emoticon here)
I also get to keep repeating “Happy Valentines Day, I love you, do you love me?”, all day long.
At this rate Nate is gonna grow up to hate Valentines Day but for now he just surrenders to my insanity.
So with this all said, I’d like to wish everyone a Valentines Day that is full of love, chocolate, candy, hugs, kisses and anything that makes your heart happy for that matter.


My friend Katerina is a very enlightening gal.
She is in her mid twenties but is wise beyond her years.
We were having a conversation one evening about all sorts of trivial things and Ben was in his high chair listening in.
Kat turned to him and made a funny face which had him laughing his little tushy off.

Then she said one of the smartest things that I have heard in a long time:

“If you could bottle up a baby’s laugh you can cure cancer” ~ Kit Kat

It’s so true!
That laugh is intoxicating.
It is made up of rainbows, butterflies, unicorns and the purest form of joy in existence.
I can already envision the slogan:
Baby’s laugh, I put that s**t on everything!

Happy Friday!

The Big Plan

There is nothing in this world that can prepare you for being a parent.
You’re either waiting to make more money or waiting for the right time.
Waiting for everyone you know to get on the baby train or for that last big hurrah.
Guess what, life doesn’t end when you have children.
It changes.
You know what else changes, your perspective.
You realize that now you are more driven than ever to make money.
You wish that you would have had them sooner so that you’d have more time with them.
You now know that it’s not about your friends having kids; you’ll still have friends and you’ll meet new ones with kids.
What “hurrah” meant before kids and what it means to you once you’re a parent are two very different things.
So in reality the whole last hurrah thing is a big HOOHA!
It’s so challenging yet so rewarding.
There is no amount of planning that can prepare you for that.

The Little Big Things

As I lay next to Nate and sing twinkle, twinkle little star, all I can do is take in the moment.
I sing to him and he chimes in.
Then he asks me to tickle his back and I realize that these are truly the most important moments with my big boy.
One day he won’t allow me to enter his room so today I relish in these close and heart warming experiences.
Being a mother is so much more than just running errands, disciplining and routines.
It’s about nurturing your child’s imagination.
Being there for all the little moments that make them giggle.
It’s about listening even when you don’t quite understand all of the words and smiling brightly so that they know they are being heard.
As I write this I get emotional at the idea that one day I won’t get to relish in these magical times.
So today I will breathe in every little moment and hold my breath as long as I possibly can.