Holiday Survival Guide – The Momma Version

Let’s face it folks, we get excited for any holiday as it means time off of work and more time to spend with the famjam.
It’s all fun and games until this coveted long weekend arrives and you realize what that really means.
It means that you have to prepare the meals and activities.
You have to entertain your kids and your weird uncle who acts like a kid.
The worst part is, you are the one the has to clean up the mess!
Here are a few tips to help you survive and potentially enjoy this time with the fam:

1. For all of you environmentally conscious people I apologize in advance.
I’m talking about plates, cups, table covers and decorations.
Stock up on plastic cutlery and garbage bags.
This will ensure that you get to actually enjoy your meal instead of pouting over the fact that you have to wash ten thousand things after lunch is over.

2. Make an activities table for the kids.
Let them paint, draw, scribble and everything else related to crafts at that table.
Do exactly what you do when you give yourself a time out as the kids are running a muck and turn a blind eye to the mess they are creating at that table.
This will keep them occupied for long enough for you to be able to get in a mimosa or two.

3. Set the event right in between nap time and sleep time. This will help you get the best version of your kids and you’ll be able to kick everyone out at a reasonable hour due to the infamous bedtime routine.

Make sure to have a bottle of wine stashed away for a lovely glass once everyone has left and the kids are sleeping.
I’d say to go to bed early but we both know that that won’t be happening!

Happy Holidays Kids