The Things That Nobody Tells You

When I was pregnant people loved giving me advice.
I would always hear about getting my sleep now because later I’ll never get the chance to sleep.
I heard about how difficult the first six weeks are.
I even heard about different breastfeeding techniques, more regularly than I wanted to hear.
Here is a list of things that nobody told me:

1. The mess is constant.
You can literally spend a full day
cleaning every nook and cranny of your
house and within minutes it is messy

2. The laundry is piled up like Mount
Gone are the days where you did two loads
of laundry a week.
A baby spits up, pees and poops on things
which include: all of your clothing,
towels, sheets, socks, and any other item
that gets laundered.

3. Kids loooooovvvveee to use things in very
creative ways.
For instance, Nate enjoys taking his toy
cars and using them as balls.
He literally whips them onto the floor as
though they will bounce.
He knows that they won’t.
Nate also enjoys taking markers and
painting his whole hand in a dark blue,
seconds before a family outing.
This one is obvious considering that blue
is his favorite colour, duh mom!

4. Kids sleep.
They can even sleep a lot.
They just don’t particularly enjoy
sleeping at night all the time.
They would much prefer to sleep at noon,
right smack in the middle of the day.
So you technically can sleep.
You would just have to do nothing else
with your day.

5. Going grocery shopping becomes like a
mini staycay.
Roll your eyes all you want but I’m
telling you, it sounds
shocking but it’s true!
You put the kids to bed, kiss whoever’s
home goodbye and go on your shopping
I like to grab a tea and just take my
tiiiiimmmmme with it.
You get to be out of the house and spend
some time with your thoughts, your phone
and your tea or whatever it is you like.
It is a nice change of pace from the hustle
and bustle of the home.

This list can go on for days but the reality is that a huge part of growing into a parent is finding out for yourself.
Besides, life gets so busy that you forget about these things because you would rather focus on the little humans in your life after you washed, ironed and folded ALL of that laundry.