Where do I begin.
You are my teacher.
My anchor.
My hurricane.
My inspiration.
My life’s biggest and most beautiful lesson.
You took me from being a child to caring for one.
You taught me what it means to love someone to no end.
You help me to see myself in a brighter light.
You look up to me and that gives me a kind of confidence that money can’t buy.
I see a lot of me in you and it scares me.
I constantly worry that you will make the same mistakes as I made.
I wonder how you will handle this big bad world.
I smile at the fact that you are so sweet, fun and charismatic.
Our biggest challenge will be to understand one another.
Our personalities will clash as they are so much alike.
Our love for eachother is unbreakable as we share a bond that is unbeatable.
Our hearts are soft and should be handled with care.
I trust that you will treat others’ hearts with care as well.
Trust me to give you as much love and nurture as I have inside of me.
Trust that even when we fight I love you to the depths of the universe.
Trust others only once they have earned your trust.
Trust your gut as it’s one of the strongest tools that you own.
Thank you for being you because nothing makes me prouder than knowing that you are such a decent and good human being.


Ima (other word for mom)